Tantra massage is an act involving satisfy the spirit, body and mind and above all sense of self , their needs "here and now". It is a ritual that fills all aspects of Tantra. Tantra massage can recieved both woman and man, age or ethnicity doesn't matter. It is also possible to recieved massage as couple . Basically is also used as spice of love. 

In our TANTRA MASSAGE CLUB we offer number of programs, but you have to consider levels of intensity and level of your own self-control.

For proper selection of program is necessary realize the internal state needs, self-control and time requirements . 

Due to the fact, that during the meeting the need to acquire state of absolute peace, we do not recommend visit in time pressure or in accelerated mode.

 You could loose the most precious element , stress off, since you have to set the state Here and now. 

Progress of tantra massage:

After consulting with the assistant and given instructions , door to our studio will open your selected TANTRA MASSEUSES. You introduce each other and make yourself comfortable in our welcome room. Next will start light conversation about your experience with massage and informations that could affect your enjoyment during massage, such as being excessively ticklish, allergies on some kinds of oil and so on. Of course it is important to get to know each other little bit and feel mutual trust, as much as possible so the atmosphere is released . After you choose program, you spontaneously go through tantric ritual and tantric act itself .  

I. level of tantra massage

Intensive tantra massage

After welcoming u proceed to shower, where u relax and make yourself ready to recieved energy. Water washes out not only dirt, but also negative energy and acquired stress. 

Clothes and personal belongings you can leave in space provided. After your shower and release, you will proceed to the tantric room , where is already prepared suitable environment in the form of candles, music and atmosphere . Your Tantra lady begin greeting ritual Namaste.
Namaste is greeted into world of Tantra and preparation For recieving Beauty called Tantra.

It consist of touch, openings chakras and giving respect one another. Without disturbing movements you will be asked to lie down on bed. Lie down on your stomach to the position that best suit you. Tantra lady will continuously placed you in position, which is most suitable to perform the ritual. Basically massage takes place with your hands at your sides, but change of their ( hands) positions is not excluded as necessary. 

Next step is massage thru wet hot towels. Substituting intensity of contacts. Massage the whole body, including back, hands, buttock, thights, calves, feet. Everything is slow, undisturbed, intensive. Drying is accompanied with tenderness and loving touch. Next, according to Your choise , you can be pampered with ostrich feather or fan. In terms of hygiene is to be consulted in advance. Next is coming massage with scented massage oil. Same as wet towels it begins on back , very slowly and tender is relaxed whole body , finishing with feet massage . After You will be tenderly asked to turn on you back. U will recieved massage on your face, head and neck first . You cannot imagine how many reflex points are located in these parts of your body. Next is chest, abdomen and lower abdomen. Again you will be tenderly touched on your hands. 

Next is massage intimate parts. In these parts Tantra lady providing massage with baby oil , because this oil is the most suitable For sensitive skin. Massage is being provided with extreme caution and very gently . During this act are being used varieties of sensitive methods of caressing and teasing, changing intensity and speed . All moves are very tender and soft. In many cases followed by erection. We must point out , that during Tantric massage it is 90% absolutely spontaneous and natural . We also must point out that Tantric massage is not only ment to achieve erection, but discover yourself . And if You happen not recieve erection, you will still have an unforgettable experience . 

After filling experience coming relaxation on your side and Tantra lady receiving new energy. Location and the style depends on particular person. You sould not be chased by time, so you can also enjoy as much as you need . 

Basic Tantra massage is basic element in every massage program and is right for those , whom never experienced Tantra massage before and want to know what is it all about. 

In next programs is added level of discovering yourself , feelings , teasing and escalation of self-control .

II.level of tantra massage

Body to body tantra( body tantra)

This program is added to basic Tantra massage program . It is act of body contact and Your body. It is a massage where Tantra lady using her body to enhance erotic tension and also self-control.

Touch is an expression of sympathy, Tantric touch is an expression of tenderness , but in this massage is covered large area on the body , which means , that it give lot of energy and imagination . This massage is very often used by people who like the touch and it coused tension. It is basically 2nd Basic level of control of self-control . 

III. level of tantra massage

Tantra rain surprise

Tantra Rain Surprise massage contains elements of Body to Body massage , but is enriched by the further step of recieved eroticism and bathing is in the company your chosen Tantra lady .

If you are not fan of bathing , can be used for your enjoyment pampering in the shower . There already starting stress releasing , coz u being pampered and touched with tenderness and further mutual understanding is only natural next step.

Nudity during Tantra massage is not seen as a sin , it's respect for you because you are also naked but first and foremost it is contact without any barriers.

This massage is used by those, who like relaxation in peace and quietness , but main element is pampering . Bathing itself is Nice and relaxing so why not treat yourself with a pleasant company?

With Tantra Rain Surprise is possible add bonus in the form of Aphrodisiac massage , enriched with aromatic oil, which helps awake all your erotic senses.

IV. level of tantra massage

Tantra king massage

Prostate massage lovers can use a Tantra king massage. 

Basic element of this massage is again Tantra Rain Surprise . After all your body is released , as well as your anus, your Tantra lady indulges you an exclusive experience in form of prostate massage. 

This massage using people, who enjoy to be pampered not only from outside but also from inside.

  V. level of tantra massage

Exklusive tantra massage

The highest level of self-control requires massage Your Exclusive Tantra.

It contains elements of Tantra rain surprise , but most sensual part is that during massage you can also participate by touching Tantra lady. Touching is being performed thru hands of chosen Tantra lady but intimate parts are skipped.

For this moments full of pleasure is defined time and space during massage.

This program is designed for people who despite being beneficiaries , they want more than is offered in others programs , they need to touch and also give energy.

Time is defined and because of that inmediately after realizing that they are transmitters , they consciousness is open and therefore do not realize them selfs , but they are starting to care what they are transmit.

We care about that you still remain beneficiaries and your Tantra lady will lead you , so You will with Your touch only recieved , and eventually took only what you need. The intensity of contact is all up to your chosen Tantra lady.

This massage is aimed at those, who have maximum self-control and is able to resist the highest temptation.

Femme Fatale tantra

The art of seductive touch

For those who enjoy the look, wet touch, the initial refreshing tune in the company of your Femme Fatale lady, the unique experience of two wet bodies, the mutual exchange of the initial exploratory touch, the "nude Body to Points" technique that will bring you to the new dimension of passion Those are the choice of the program: The Art of Tantric seductive Touch. 

The continuation of the initial tantric prediction is multiplied in our special tantric room, Winks Room, where your eye is guaranteed not to miss one of the masseurs' passionate moves.

 Unleash your fantasies, indulge in your freedom, your exciting feeling, and open up to the glamorous, gaudy, embarrassing moves that engulf you with its precision, dynamism, affection, subtlety, eroticism, the possibility of double passionate relaxation and survival of touching contact only the Femme Fatale Lady can do it.

Forbidden tantra fruits

The taste of all the tantric senses involved in this unique program opens the gates to your accomplished dream. 

Viewing, touching, passion, energizing flow of sensuality, stepping up in your cheeks, alternating the dynamics of tantric strokes, total relaxation of the body and mind, meditation, discovering your inner self, opening and recognizing the "13th Chamber" tantra sprawl your energy every single piece of your body. 

Shiver, warmth, cold, tantric healing writes his own unique story that you enjoy fully in our tantra studio because we know that "Forbidden fruit tastes best ..." 

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