Center of holistic tantric relaxation Bratislava represent:

The center of tantric relaxation was created in March 2013 and is looking forward to your visit every day. 

Massages, whether classic or special, are the oldest form of therapy to restore the physical and mental state. 

Tantra Massage Club Bratislava is dedicated to sensual massage known as TANTRA

The essence of tantra is to find the way to self-knowledge, to learn to consciously awaken and to energize, to expand it into the whole body, and thus to purge negative forms of energy from the body out. Sexual energy is considered to be the strongest and most original source of life, emotions and power. 

Tantra massage is a complete ritual with elements of classical massage and tantra. With the massage, you experience gentle, exciting touching of a variety of styles - for example, warming your body with hot towel, gentle stroke, and dynamic knees. Rotating the intensity of the depth of touch increases excitement, where meditation through which tantra massage always becomes a unique sensual experience is involved in breathing.

 As it is a whole body massage that focuses on working with sexual arousal and the energy contained therein, neither part of your body is omitted. 

The aim of the massage is to stimulate your life energy and to distract it all over the body and allow the visitor to relax in it, enjoy it and enjoy your moment "HERE and NOW" with your chosen TANTRA LADY.

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