With Every visit we guarantee You:

  •  In the studio is only you and your selected Tantra lady. This ensures absolute confidentiality and undisturbed course of massage . There is no reason to worry also about your personal belongings.

  • We care about your comfort , therefore is provided for you refreshment in form of drink and small snack . In case of special requirements we are open to meet them, but you have to make request in advance. 

  • The studio itself is clean and tide accordance with hygiene. Clean sarong and towel is provided every time. We care about your comfort in clean and tide environment. 

  • Tantra lady is welcoming you always with perfect look and positive attitude, clean and showered, so you can spend the most enjoyable moments, which will stay in your memory for long time and make you repeat your visit with us .

Tantra massage rules and advices for you:

  • Before visit studio do not use alcohol of laxative or diuretic edibles( coffee, alcohol, energy drinks, drugs.....), also avoid hard digest good. 
  • Define your time, so you will not be in time pressure . 
  • Studio does not have bank terminals. You gift may be accepted only in cash.

Finally we would like to remind you that each Tantra lady is original and experience is unforgettable .

Each lady has her own style and approach

 .....as well as life ..... 

Has it's own rules........  

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