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1. What is tantra massage?

Tantra massage is also know as a physical act of touch that intends to enlighten those interacting in it by harnessing sexual - life giving energy within thr body.

2. Can i touch the masseuse during the massage?

There is no interaction between giver ( the practitioner - masseuse) and the reciever ( visitor).

To understand tantra massage and erotic massage one must understand the difference between sensual and sexual.

Erotic sexual massage had its place OUTSIDE sensual tantra massage.

3. Do you offer extra sexual services?

NO, we dont.

4. Do you provide mutual erotic  massages?

No, we dont. We offer sensual tantra massages. 

5. What is the target of tantra massage?

Tantra massage is created space for awareness and self discovery and pleasure stand as a mere biproduct. Holistic traditional sensual tantra treatment focuses on working with the whole body balance - total release at all levels.

The goal of the massage is not to bring the body to orgasm. The orgasm is a mere biproduct - the bodys natural response to treatment.

6. Are your prices negotiable?

Our giving prices are fixed and authentic. You can find our completly massage option menu here.

7. How can i make a booking?

You are welcome to contact us here via our contact form. 

8. Do you accept credit cards?

Payment for the relaxation is possible to make only via cash option in the begin of the session upon your arrival.

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