...Goodes of Time standing in the centre of universe she created. When her strength renewed , she decided to continue with creating, because it give her pleasure. That is how become ocean, land, animals and plants. After she finished, she was very pleased with herself , but she still got some energy in her. She created woman and become one. Called herself Kálí, riven and the second half she created man, whom she called Mahakála, a man's man image. 

The tantric gods together had children, the first people, and left them tantric rituals. For the first time in this ancient Hindu story we encounter the concept of Tantra. It is Sanskrit word derived from werb Tantor (weave). Tantra is therefore tissue-deepest essence of being. 

The basic function of Tantra is bring us to the roots of our identity. Tantric sexuality is ancient key to unimaginable mental strength . It is obtained by special rituals that occur in Hindu worship. This cult is kind of sexual magic that gives man power, gives him delight and develop his self-control. Also at same time creates in him the ability to guide the sexual energy into others areas of life. It is celebration of life and follows password (here and now) no matter what and how is going on. It's a cult of life and nature when nothing is repressed, internal and external aspects, joy, sadness , laughter, tears, anger, faith, doubt, shadows or light. 

Tantra is not reversed even puritanical, stands for everyone and hide in each of us ......

Sexuality versus the complete perception of tantra.

 People often talk about tantra as a sexual mystery. What is true, but observe integrity. We will mention the following in the following example: an apple, a sweet fetus that dries the eye with its color and satisfies its taste with its flesh. We can now see it as a source of popularity and sensual enjoyment. Like a lament that can tear us away from everyday routine and boring stereotype. 

Just as well as sexual hardships and passion. But the apple did not come from itself. It has grown and matured for some time on the tree. It originated from a fragrant flower, which is fed from the core of a tree. And the tree first sprouted out of the seed, drained the roots, and the little stalks were looking for the path in the ground to the surface. For many years she has grown stronger in a stronghold that holds a crown. Receive nutrients from the ground, irrigated water and light, sun rays. If we eat only sweet fruits, the tree would soon become dilapidated, because we would not care for it and care for it. Only we would take the sweet fruits from it for our satisfaction. 

And here it is necessary to perceive that the tree is like our body, a temple that gives us the best and at the same time provides us with security and the possibility of our own cognition. 

That's why we need to look after ourselves. Understand what a tree is and what we need to have our own core, our own energy and tasty fruits 

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